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Terivto is a comprehensive derivative protocol suite ecosystem designed to cater to a diverse range of digital assets, addressing the speculative and hedging requirements of traders, developers, and institutions alike. Our platform offers a seamless experience for all participants, ensuring a smooth and efficient environment for engaging in derivative activities.

Key Features

Unleash the power of decentralized derivatives trading and maximize organic yield with Terivto – where innovation meets profitability for traders and investors.


Elevate your token-token trading with Terivto's Universal Margin System, boasting a native global funding design for a streamlined and global liquidity experience.


Introducing Terivto's groundbreaking Regularized Time-weighted Average CFMM for on-chain digital options trading – a pioneering solution in precision and innovation.

DeFi Infra

Terivto simplifies on-chain derivatives with modular APIs, allowing developers to effortlessly implement derivatives vaults, hybrid order books, and more.


Terivto's universal perpetual system and digital options unite within a single liquidity pool, enabling market making across all derivative types and markets. With Terivto, experience the utmost capital efficiency and risk-adjusted real yield for liquidity providers, coupled with market-neutral protection.

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